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This past month, our Board of Directors met and nominated for consideration of Associate of the Year 2015: John Johnson, Karins & Associates, Debra Young, EmpowerAbility LLC, and Jim McCulley, WatershedEco.

All three nominees are active within the Associates Council, with Debra Young serving as its chair. They’ve worked this year to coordinate Bowling, Clay Shooting, and more recently, the 2015 Ramp Build. Which was a collaborative effort of the Associates Council of the Home Builders Association of Delaware (utilizing the volunteer efforts and sponsorship of its members) along with a recent graduate of Hodgson Vo-Tech High School, and State Representative Bill Carson.

John Johnson and Debra Young were nominated for their work on the 2015 Ramp Build.

Jim McCulley was nominated for his expertise and participation during our meetings with Senators Carper and Coons regarding COE/EPA Waters of the US Regulations.

Congratulations John, Debra, and Jim!

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WASHINGTON, July 20, 2015 Joseph Capano of Wilmington, Delaware, was designated a Senior Life Director of the National Association of Home Builders (NAHB) by the Association’s board of directors at their Spring Board of Directors’ Meeting in Washington, DC., on June 6, 2015.

Capano Photo_SB 15

Joseph M. Capano recognized as NAHB Senior Life Director.

“Serving the housing industry by participating on NAHB’s board of directors for more than 20 years is an incredible accomplishment,” said NAHB Third Vice Chairman Randy Noel. “NAHB commends Joseph for his dedication to advancing housing opportunities for all Americans.”

Joseph Capano founded Capano Homes Inc. in 1994 after 20 years of experience in the home construction field, which includes a long family history of experience in land acquisition, land development, construction, rental units and home sales. He has served as a voting director at NAHB for 20 years, and, at the local level, Capano is actively involved within the Home Builders Association of Delaware (HBA/DE), having served as its President from 2000 until 2001 and currently serving as a Life Director for the organization. “We are very appreciative and proud of Joe, having represented us at the national level, in addition to his local participation,” said HBA/DE President, Kevin Whittaker.

In order to be designated as an NAHB Senior Life Director, an NAHB builder or associate member must have attended at least two board meetings each year for 10 years before being elected as a Life Director, then two meetings a year for an additional 10 years to become a Senior Life Director.

From everyone at HBA/DE; Congratulations to Joseph M. Capano for this momentous achievement!

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As the Fall Board Meeting and the International Builders’ Show approach, exhibitors and attendees often receive unauthorized solicitations from hotels or third-party housing agencies which are not affiliated with NAHB.These unaffiliated third parties typically advertise a lower rate than NAHB’s official hotel block rates. However, the lower rates may be a reflection of the lower quality of the rooms offered, and/or significantly less favorable terms that apply to the reservation. For example, cancellation policies imposed on guests who book with such third parties are often harsh and unforgiving. And in other cases, these groups turn out not to have any rooms available on the relevant dates at the low rates they advertise but they request credit card and other sensitive information nonetheless. For these reasons, and to support NAHB’s efforts to give you the highest quality meeting experience, we strongly encourage you to book your housing accommodations using the reservation tools provided by NAHB.Only Official NAHB Hotels hold room blocks reserved for NAHB guests. Any offers or calls you may receive from other hotels and/or housing agencies are not affiliated with NAHB and are not authorized communications, even if they appear to offer rooms at an Official NAHB Hotel.A company called Exhibitor Housing Services, 800-217-4227, is one of the companies described above. If you are contacted by Exhibitor Housing Services, please do not give them any personal information and contact Barbara Rapp immediately at

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Enforcement of the new Confined Spaces in Construction Standard, issued by the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) on May 4, will be postponed until Oct. 2, the agency announced today. Extension requests indicated that employers needed more time for training and acquiring the equipment necessary to comply with the standard.

Though the ruling will still become effective Aug. 3, OSHA will not issue citations to an employer that is making good-faith efforts to fulfill training requirements and comply with the standard.  The agency will consider the following factors when evaluating these efforts:

  • Has the employer trained its employees as required under the new standard, or at least scheduled such training?
  • Does the employer have the equipment necessary for compliance, including personal protective equipment?
  • Has the employer ordered or arranged to obtain the equipment required for compliance, or taking alternative measures to protect employees from confined space hazards?
  • Has the employer engaged in additional efforts to educate and protect workers when it comes to confined space hazards?

In general, the new rule requires employers to:

  • Evaluate the jobsite to identify confined spaces
  • Develop a written program and permitting system for permit-required confined spaces
  • Control physical hazards and conduct monitoring for atmospheric hazards in confined spaces that are permit required
  • Provide training for confined space entrants, attendants, supervisors and emergency duties.

Find more information on the rule at Also, read what builders have to say about the new ruling and NAHB’s stance on it as well.

HBA/DE Members can email us at to get a copy of the members only confined spaces toolkit.


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This 2015 Ramp Build is a collaborative effort of the Associates Council of the Home Builders Association of Delaware (utilizing the volunteer efforts and sponsorship of its members) along with a recent graduate of Hodgson Vo-Tech High School, and State Representative Bill Carson.

We first learned of the need for the ramp from Rep. Carson’s staff at Legislative Hall. Our volunteers met onsite with the Dover recipient homeowners, Vernon Steele, an Air Force Veteran needing the ramp, and his wife Sandra. Using field dimensions and conditions to specify the ramp requirements, our members engaged Gabe Cox, a now graduate of Hodgson to volunteer to prepare the drawings needed for the building permit. Once permitted, our members donated the construction materials and their time to build the ramp, which included ramp construction, concrete work and replacing the rain gutter over the front of the house.


From Left to Right: Brian Rickards, Debra Young, John Johnson, Gabe Cox, Vernon Steele (holding his grandson Bryce Griffin), Howard Fortunato, State Representative Bill Carson, Sandra Steele

A ribbon cutting ceremony is planned for September or October, and we look forward to Rep. Carson’s invitation to be recognized in Leg Hall during Legislative Session in 2016.

The HBADE members that donated the materials or their time is as follows:
John Johnson, Karins and Associates
Debra Young, EmpowerAbility
Brian Rickards, Benchmark Builders
Mike Janis, RCI Printing & Graphics
Jeff Haggerty, Grubb Lumber
Rob Ferrier, Master Shower Doors
Mike Dawson, Master Shower Doors
Tony Jacono, A.S. Jacono LLC
Wayne Moyer, Benchmark Builders
Dave Foraker, Benchmark Builders
Ron Taylor, Master Shower Doors
Scott Holmes, S & J Builders
Ed Blanco, Benchmark Builders
John Hoover, J.T. Hoover Concrete
John Steele, John Steele Inc.
Phil Dunlevy, 2-10 Home Buyers Warranty Company